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Soak yourself in art and the landscape

Visit and tasting in the winery + a glass of wine and a visit to the area and the monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera.

Do you want to take a journey through time and space?

The wine will take you there.
Our winery boasts a privileged location in the foothills of the Albera range, characterised by its natural surroundings and artistic treasures. The Albera range is home to many vestiges of Romanesque art and at the end of the tour, in Rabós d’Empordà, just next to the cellar, we’ll enjoy a trip to the monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera, a real jewel of Catalan Romanesque. In the Middle Ages, the age of the monasteries was a strong force behind viniculture in Empordà…

We’d like to invite you to take this journey through time and space, taste our wines and soak up the magnificent atmosphere and Romanesque architecture offering plenty of surprises…

Price / person:

option a: 15 € (12€ visit + 3€ entry fee to the monastery)
option b: 15 € (12€ visit + 3€ entry fee to the monastery) + 21 € dinner at the Restaurant el Corral de Sant Quirze (in front of the monastery)

· 972 545 128 · 660 001 622

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