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Visit and tasting in the vineyard.

Would you like to know the secrets of Red Garnatxa?
Red Garnatxa (also known as Red Grenache) is a typical grape variety of the Empordà region. Of the 58 hectares of Red Garnatxa vineyards in Catalonia, 56 of them are found here. The grape has traditionally been used to make dessert wines. At our winery we use it for white, rosé and dessert wines. Of our seven wines, four are made with 100% Red Garnatxa.
Our rosé wine, Vinya del Metge, has won several awards and for two years running was voted the Best Rosé Wine in Catalonia by the Wine Guide of Catalonia.
We offer the chance to experience the process of making this very special wine, from the vineyard to the cellars: a stroll through the vineyards with a wine tasting among the Red Garnatxa vines, followed by a tour of the winery to watch the winemaking process.

Approx. duration: 2.5 hours

A minimum number of people is required for the tour. We will confirm whether it is running when you make your reservation.

Price: 12€ / person

· 972 545 128 · 660 001 622

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